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UKCS new website design

UK Committee on Publication is an organization focused on informing the public about topics related to Christian Science in the UK & Ireland. They approached us with the need to redesign their website to make it more modern, mobile-first, and user-friendly.

The challenge

The challenge with this project was to change our mindset from "getting leads" to simply being a source of information. The client is not interested in collecting emails or "leads" but more so on simply being there as a source of information when someone searches topics related to their subject matter.

The other challenge was - what are our limitations when it comes to design and overall approach when the subject matter is religious? Traditionally, when you think of "religious" you don't necessarily think "modern." Therefore our design challenge was to find a way to make the website modern without crossing the lines without crossing any lines.

The solution

We had to change our mindset and focus on the overall goal of the organization: to simply be there as a source of information. This means: focus on SEO. This website was created 100% with SEO in mind. From the mobile-first mindset to on-page SEO tricks, we built it to not only look amazing but to rank in search results.

In terms of design, we chose to go with images related to nature and well-being as this ties directly with Christian Science beliefs. We also made sure the website was created for mobile devices first and foremost. Now, users can browse from any device without any pinching and zooming.

Take a look at the website here >


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