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Fine art appraisers & auctioneers website redesign

An art auction and appraisal firm approached us with the need to redesign their website and get insights into how to increase leads.

The challenge

The client goals were twofold: #1 goal is to increase leads, #2 goal was to create a seamless user experience between the website and the 3rd party auction site, where users can bid on products.

The solution

We chose to build the new website in Squarespace. The biggest design challenge was coordinating with the client’s auction website partner in order to provide designs that they can match as closely as possible. There were certain limitations to fonts and layout on their side which had to be taken into consideration when building the Squarespace site.

Take a look at the website >

When building the website, we always kept the end goal in mind: increase leads. That is why we created multiple SEO-pages to boost the quality score for the page, so that when we use Google Ads, we pay less for each lead.

This strategy is working, and each month we see an increase in leads. The client wasn’t using any tracking beforehand (other than Google Analytics.) Now we have goals set in place using Google Tag Manager and have a better understanding of which channels are driving leads, how much we’re paying for each conversion, in turn giving us enough data to create and optimize our advertising budget.

Now, we have created an inbound strategy that we are in process of implementing – including consistent blogging based on SEO research, email, and social media.

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