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Drug & alcohol recovery facility - brand messaging & social Strategy

An alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility approached us with the need to revamp their digital marketing strategy.

The challenge

Leads were slowing down, as well as the number of clients month over month. With the rapidly changing competitive landscape and customer habits, it was time to revise the current plan. The client was already implementing an advanced digital strategy including marketing automation and social media. Leads were trickling in using the tried and true methods, however not quite quickly enough.

The solution

We chose to shift the focus in strategy on social media - specifically Instagram. By clearly defining their target audience and understanding how they consume content, we changed the message to be less focused on the features and benefits of the facility, and more focused on the target customer and their emotions, delivering an impactful message via the social media platforms they are accustomed to using. We are leveraging customer stories, making the voice of the brand relatable, hopeful, and inspiring. Visit their Instagram for more >


There has been a 10% increase in leads compared to the previous year, as well as the last quarter. The same increase applies to the number of new clients they have received.

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