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Art gallery website design

Artforum Gallery is a private gallery owned by a family of artists (that may or may not be related to someone on our team...) They needed a fresh new look for their website.

The challenge

The previous website was built as an e-commerce site, however the intention was not to sell products online but rather have it be more of a look-book. It was also important to keep in mind that the website backend should be easy to use and allow the client to upload new photos easily and without complications.

The solution

We selected a new Wordpress theme that was not e-commerce related and more focused on galleries and portfolios. Although the new website is much more simple, it gets the information across right away, is easy to navigate, and focuses on highlighting the artwork as works of art rather than products that can be added to a basket. The goal was to put the art first, enticing users to peruse more and solicit a commissioned piece.

Take a look at the website here >

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