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Architecture firm website design


About the client

Q Sterry Inspired Architecture is a firm based in Eugene, Oregon, serving clients in Oregon, Montana, and Washington.

The challenge

Originally we began working together to optimize the SEO on the client's previous website. As we dug into the project, there were things we discovered about the website structure and template code which would cause problems later on when it came to SEO, load times, and more. We optimized the website within the limitations we had but warned the client that it is very likely that the website could cause issues in the next few months as new WordPress updates come along, and the developer who created the template wasn't providing new updates to the template. This usually results in the website "breaking" (elements out of place, features not working, and slowing it down overall.

There were some structural issues on the previous website, including the fact that the client's projects showcasing their work were grouped in with their blog posts. It was difficult to tell which projects were "inspiration" or other architect's work, and which ones were their own.

The solution

We decided to rebuild the website completely and move it to Squarespace instead of WordPress. We chose Squarespace for multiple reasons, primarily because of its ease of management, flexibility in building and designing, and the built-in SEO features.

We structured the website for the best possible user experience by dividing the client's projects and blog posts onto separate pages, making it clear which are "inspiration" and which are part of their portfolio. We also ensured the website is optimized for SEO by carefully planning out the navigation titles, defining headings, including keywords in titles, meta descriptions, URL's and more. The new website showcases their work front and center and makes it easy for users to navigate and find what they're looking for. Throughout the website, we have peppered in calls to action to drive people to the contact us page.

When it came to design and content, we rewrote all of the page content to update the tone and messaging. We wanted the tone to match the design, which was focused on the raw elements from nature which are used to build structures.

Take a look at the website here >


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