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Marketing that matters. Delivered with results and a personal touch. 

We believe in new beginnings. Hence the name, rök - noun /räk/ - in viking mythology, meaning development, origin, cause, relation, and fate.


We believe in taking a viking approach to your business, helping you sail new waters, open new doors, or even enter new markets.


Our philosophy is based on marketing that matters. Impactful messaging that makes your target audience go... where have you been all my life? 

Speaking of audiences, we also will help you get inside their heads. Understand their wants, needs, and deepest, darkest desires (if relevant.) ;) Doing the research up front will help lower your cost per lead and drive revenue to the ever-beloved bottom line.

We'll also use our tricks on you. We want to get inside your head. Understand your purpose, your why. Then help you position that WHY in a way that people will care, take action, and turn into loyal, repeat customers. 


We pride ourselves on being able to help you with all the "marketing fluff" but deliver results. We also pride ourselves on not nickel and diming - treating you like the partner many agencies claim to be.  Why?

Well, to us, you're not just another drop in the bucket. You're our bread and butter. And making your customers happy = making you happy = making us happy. It's simple math.

We're a small digital marketing agency specializing in modernizing and managing digital marketing for small- to medium-sized companies (at a reasonable price.) We have worked with clients of all sizes. And what we can say is that for many agencies, not all clients are created equal. Clients with deeper pockets usually get more attentive service, better-thought-out strategies, and more creative campaigns than those with smaller budgets. And with good reason (here's why). We can do it, and do do it, differently. 

See, it all goes back to new beginnings. When we started out, we weren't picky about the clients or the budgets. We began treating, and continue to, treat all clients with the same level of care – regardless of whether they're paying us $500 a month or $5,000 a month. We provide attentive service, ask questions, take the time to understand the entire business (not just the marketing side), think carefully about the best strategy (not the one that pays the most, but the one that makes the most sense) and earn trust by delivering positive results over time, all while being flexible and honest. And that's how we mutually benefit one another. Now, we have grown a portfolio of long-standing, retainer-based clients.  All of these factors are what make our service special. 

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